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Things With Wings

Something struck me as I was driving from McKinney to Richardson this morning. I saw a van with the FedEx logo on the right back door. This logo was the word “FedEx” with wings around it.

“Hmmm”, I thought to myself. Then I flew into the conclusion that things with wings instantly become better!

Think about it. This applies to pretty much everything I thought of today.

You take a human, you add wings and you have an angel.
You take a non-human (Kryptonian) such as Clark Kent, you add wings (OK, it’s a cape), you get Superman.
You take a car, you add wings and you have an airplane.
You take a supermodel, you add wings to her back, and you have an awesome Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
You take an animal such as a buffalo, you add wings and you have delicious and spicy buffalo wings. Wings transforms that buffalo into a completely different animal!
Even some hygene products are better because they have wings.

You take a photo booth, you add wings, you make your event fly!
Social Shots wears its wings proudly.

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Congratulations Tony Romo and Candice Crawford

Yesterday was the big day, the wedding of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to the beautiful Candice Crawford. Our friend had the opportunity to officiate the ceremony!

Social Shots would have loved to be the official photo booth for the Romo/Crawford wedding!

To Tony and Candice,

Congratulations and best wishes to you both! Stay grounded! and remain friends!


Social Shots Photo Booth Company

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THE Dallas Video Booth

Many very large companies say it! And we back it up! “It’s all about video.”

When you step inside the Social Shots Photo Booth (a.k.a. The Best Dallas Photo Booth), you sit down on a very nice comfy and elegant bench. Ahead of you you see a live view of yourself and your buds in the booth. Then you make a choice with 3 glowing buttons below the LED screen. The left button takes black and white pictures while the center button captures you in living color… The prints come out momentarily…. The third button records an HD video!

What for do u ask?
1. For a wedding, it could be well wishes for the bride and groom. Or perhaps you want it to be more specific such as their best marriage advice!

2. For grand openings, the Social Shots photo booth can prompt your guests to give immediate feedback of your company or perhaps your new product! This is some invaluable information!

3. Colleges and universities can use the Social Shots photo booth to help gather their own marketing material for prospective students. Have the current students answer the question, “what does it mean to be a Red Raider? Aggie? or Longhorn?”

There is an unmatched value on having video for YOUR event.

Nuff o’ the marketing rant…. This weekend I spent perfecting our video extraction and compilation process. Yes, it’s geek talk, but that’s what I am. I took a sample of about 50 video clips and added some transitions to them and ensured the sound quality is good. It’s very good now, but will be excellent in about a week or two.

Video editing is it’s own world. AS far as I know, Social Shots Photo Booth is the only one that doubles as a video booth in Dallas. If others are out there, I’d love to know who they are.

What do you think of the video feature of our booth? Please comment, like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on twitter!

Thanks All,

Mr. Video Guy

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Watch Out Dallas! The Best Photo Booth Has Arrived!

Without further ado. Here’s several pictures of the photo booth in the living room.

You may click to enlarge the photos. You can see the side LCD where a slideshow of previous photos are cycled through. Beneath it, is where the pictures come out. Crown molding on the top and bottom of the booth. LCD, lights, Camera and Microphone (we do HD video also) all shown.

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